Risk Assessment:

The risks involved in respect of the personal data we hold are minimal on the basis of the security measures set out below.

Security Measures:

The following security measures have been adopted:

  • Only authorised officers of the company are entitled to hold and access personal data.
  • Personal data is held on floppy disk and/or hard drive.
  • Transfer of personal information over the internet is to be avoided wherever possible.
  • The floppy disks mentioned above are kept under lock and key when not in use, the disks are password protected.

Business Continuity:

For the purposes of continuity a backup copy of all files is kept separately under lock and key. These copies are to be updated at regular intervals. These disks will not normally be used and are simply kept for safekeeping in the event of the electronic records being destroyed, corrupted and/or damaged.

Training in respect of security systems and procedures:

All officers of the company will be made aware of the contents of this document and comply with these procedures.


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