SunSystems Setup

The main SunSystems module allows you to control global functions such as:

  • Who has access to SunSystems
  • The level of access that operators have to functions in SunSystems and¬†SunAccount
  • The languages that you wish to work with
  • The location of databases and files
  • Printer definitions
  • Definitions for the terminals used (character interface only)
  • User defined operator and quick buttons
  • Some of the audit trail facilities

Planning your SunSystems Setup

You should consider setting up the parameters listed above as part of the implementation project. The decisions that you make are affected by the environment in which you are running SunSystems, for instance, the location of files is set in DB=Database Definitions, the terminals that operators use are set up in TD=Terminal Definitions, and the printers that you use are set up in PD=Printer Definitions.

Planning Operators and Security

You can create a unique ID and password in OD=Operator Definitions for each person who will use SunSystems. You can create groups of operators. You can set up permissions in OP=Operator Permissions enabling groups of operators to access the specific functions and actions they require, or restricting groups of operators from specific functions and actions. You can set up groups of operators in DA=Data Access Groups to control access to specific records in certain functions controlling access, for example, to specific accounts. Limiting the availability of functions to specific operators forms part of your security control system. You should refer to the section Security for further information on this subject.

Planning the Structure of your Implementation

SunSystems is very flexible, and it is therefore important that requirements are specified correctly, and in sufficient detail. This section covers some of the things you should consider.